I graduated from Texas Women’s University in 1999 with a Master’s degree in Communication Disorders. I immediately began working for Plano Independent School District with the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) in a classroom-based setting. I worked with preschoolers for 5 years then had the opportunity to work with elementary-age students for 4 years. I love working with young children and have had experience with a variety of disorders in the areas of articulation, language, voice and fluency including Down syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and autism spectrum disorders.

I took several years off to stay home with my youngest child, but was fortunate to be able to complete my continuing education hours and stay up-to-date on current research and therapy techniques during that time. I joined Speech and OT of North Texas in January of 2012 and am thrilled to be working with these children and their families.

Since that time, I became certified in gestalt language processing and have trained to facilitate the Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) framework for children who communicate with delayed echolalia (scripting).