Integrated Listening System Now Available at Our Plano Location!

The Integrated Listening System (iLs) was developed to “train the brain to process sensory, cognitive and emotional information more effectively” through improving synaptic connectivity in the brain.

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)iLs  provides a multisensory experience with the combination of listening to filtered music, which sounds just like standard classical music, while doing exercises, like balancing on a wobble board, hitting a ball suspended from the ceiling, activities with beanbags and many other activities.   All these together work the brain in special ways.  The child uses headphones that provides both air and bone conduction in the auditory retraining process.

Most of us are not aware of it, but we hear sounds in 2 ways – through air conduction and bone conduction. Most of us have experienced the odd sensation of hearing our own voice on audio tape and not recognizing it. This is because on the tape we only hear the air conducted sound of our voice. When we speak we hear our voice through both bone and air conduction. (This is why when we go to an audiologist to have our hearing checked, a vibrator is placed on the mastoid bone right behind the ear to test our bone conduction response.)

iLs include movement and balance equipment as well as a guidebook for doing the visual tracking and balance activities while listening.  The activities included with the program work on:

Breathing, Balance and Core activities designed to improve vestibular function, self-regulation, circulation, flexibility, focus and core strength.

Visual Motor with beanbags, bouncing and hanging balls that work on visual tracking, eye/hand coordination, hemispheric integration and concentration.

Miscellaneous activities of digit dexterity, aerobic and hemispheric integration improves digit dexterity of finger isolation, independent movement and sequencing, aerobic capacity and hemisphere integration.

Cognitive tasks, that are on 3 different levels that can be adjusted according to the abilities of the individual child.

The combination of all the activities trains the brain to process and manage multi-sensory input improving concentration, cognitive skills such as reading and writing, visual and auditory processing, movement/coordination, processing speed, energy, self-confidence, mood, behavior and reduced anxiety and stress.

Many hours of listening and “playing”  are needed to complete the program so they also offer an at home program where the parents can lease to own or just lease the equipment then it is supervised by your therapist that is certified in home supervision. This way your child can get more of the therapeutic benefits of the program.

Midge Ross, OTR, is a certified iLs Associate.  Midge, who provides occupational therapy in our Plano location , would be happy to answer any questions regarding the benefits or iLs for children.  Contact Speech & Occupational Therapy of North Texas at 972-424-0148 for more information.

For research related to Integrated Listening Systems as a treatment for children with autism and sensory integration disorder visit: