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I received my Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Florida in 1998. I have focused my career towards working with children and have worked in various settings. These include public schools, private schools, early intervention, private clinics, and a sensory gym. I also worked previously, for 4 years, as the Assistant Director of a private clinic. This clinic contracted with the Board of Education to provide all of the occupational and physical therapy to that city’s school children. My duties included overseeing 27 occupational therapists and 7 physical therapists throughout the large school district. I also worked closely with parents, teachers, child study teams, and supervisors from the board of education to ensure all the students were receiving the services necessary for greater success in school.

I have worked with children of all ages with various diagnoses including, but not limited to: autism, learning disabled, cognitively impaired, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, dysgraphia, and other non-diagnosed motor and sensory impairments. I have provided individual therapy, small and large group therapy, as well as assisted with the running of a summer camp for children with sensory and learning difficulties.
I love working with children, along with their families, and helping them reach new goals. I have worked with children my entire OT career because of their energy, joy, enthusiasm, as well as the happiness felt at every new skill learned.