The Compton P-ESL Program is an accent modification Program for improving your business, professional and social speaking skills.

Success in our society depends upon one’s ability to communicate clearly and effectively. However, such a level of communication can be difficult to obtain. With more and more foreign nationals seeking employment and a new life in the United States, many parts of our culture are now a veritable melting pot of accents and linguistic variations. While many of these immigrants bring with them a strong grasp or mastery of English, individual speech patterns may limit their ability to fully express themselves or be understood.

Fortunately, a way exists to relieve the frustration and isolation these individuals may feel because of their accent. The Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (P-ESL) program provides a method for modifying a foreign accent in order to be better understood in conversational English. Through use of the Compton P-ESL method, clear, effective communication can be achieved.

To modify a foreign accent takes hard work and dedication. It cannot be done in the instruction setting alone. The client must practice outside of class using the Compton P-ESL accent modification training materials. These materials include a practice workbook, cassette tapes or a CD-ROM.

Further information on the Compton P-ESL program is available from the Institute of Language and Phonology ( Information on the training materials is available through the Institute Of Language and Phonology Research Division (

Nancy Glaze is a speech-language pathologist who has received training through the Institute of Language and Phonology and she is a Compton P-ESL certified speech professional.