How Can You Help Your Infant or Toddler with Speech and Language Development?

5th Jan 2017

How Can You Help Your Infant or Toddler with Speech and Language Development? So you now have that precious baby or toddler as part of your life. Whether it was a long planned event or a surprise, one thing is […]

Articulation Disorder or Phonological Disorder? What is the Difference?

9th Sep 2016

A child’s verbal speech intelligibility is one of the most common referral reasons for speech therapy. By 2 years of age, a child’s speech should be 50% intelligible to an unfamiliar listener, by 3 years of age 75% intelligible to […]

Self-Regulation in Young Children

4th Aug 2016

Occupational therapists at Speech & Occupational Therapy of North Texas often treat children with sensory challenges. Helping families understand self-regulation and helping our clients develop better coping skills for sensory regulation leads to greater success with treatment goals and participation […]

Animals Can Impact Language Development in Young Children.

14th Jul 2016

There are basic strategies that we know will help enrich language development in young children.  For instance, we know that it is important to really listen when your child is trying to communicate, whetherthrough verbalizations or gestures. We know it […]

Keyboarding or Handwriting

7th Mar 2016

What is the Answer for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders? By: Roxanne Thompson, OTR Children with autism spectrum disorders have many great thoughts and ideas to share with the world they live in. Giving them a method of sharing their […]

ADHD and Language Disorders

9th Feb 2016

ADHD Concept for hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit behavior as a school desk with the letters carved into the wooden table as a healthcare symbol for childhood mental health issues. Have you ever wondered if your child might have Attention […]

Case study for occupational therapy

19th Jan 2016

Ari* is a 7 year old with a diagnosis of autism (ASD), who was referred to our clinic for an occupational therapy evaluation. His pediatrician recommended our clinic since we specialize in treatment of children with ASD and other intellectual […]

Early Intervention: Why is it Important?

1st Jun 2015

Devoted mother exercising her laughing baby who has late development of motor activity using a yellow pilates ball We always hear that early intervention in the form of specialized therapies is important for children with any kind of congenital or […]

Will Speaking Two Languages in the Home Negatively Impact Language Development in Children?

2nd Dec 2013

Bilingual Environments – Impact on Language Development We live in a multicultural environment!  It is exciting to experience the cuisine and customs that are becoming a part of our community.  At one time, a third generation Texan might wonder what […]