Games Useful for Developing Speech, Language, and Social Skills

15th May 2018

Children learn by observing and the best role model is the parent. Having a home environment in which learning is rewarded and encouraged, with games that are useful for developing speech, language, and social skills will be invaluable. It is [...]

Signs of Delayed Speech & Language Development

18th Apr 2018

Children develop at different rates, but there are some guidelines for knowing if your child is generally on track in his or her development. Knowing what is and is not typical for a child’s speech and language development can help [...]

Get Ready for a Great School Experience!

22nd Jul 2016

Get Ready for a Great School Experience! School will be starting again before we know it!  All children (and parents!) can prepare for a smoother transition from the flexibility of summer time to the set routine of the school day. [...]

Language Intervention in Autism: The Implications of Neurobiological Research

6th Feb 2015

Language Intervention in Autism: The Implications of Neurobiological Research Anne Bramlett, MS, CCC/SLP At Speech & Occupational Therapy of North Texas, we encourage our therapists to acquire specialized training for the populations we serve.  We recently provided a fantastic opportunity […]

Murphy Parks & Recreation – Recreating Murphy

30th Dec 2013

Any setting that allows children to interact, play and learn in a safe, positive environment is great for language development and motor development. That is why Speech & Occupational Therapy of North Texas is enthusiastic about Murphy Parks & Recreation.  […]

Will Speaking Two Languages in the Home Negatively Impact Language Development in Children?

2nd Dec 2013

Bilingual Environments – Impact on Language Development We live in a multicultural environment!  It is exciting to experience the cuisine and customs that are becoming a part of our community.  At one time, a third generation Texan might wonder what […]

Milieu Training for Pediatric Speech Therapy

4th May 2013

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines milieu as “the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops: environment.” Sometimes referred to as incidental teaching, milieu communication training (MCT) is an evidence based intervention that has been effective with language disorders […]

Speech Therapy in Murphy, Texas Language Enrichment Through Community Outings

11th Mar 2013

We are ready for spring in Collin County!  Families with young children need to get out of the house and experience the changing seasons.  As a speech-language pathologist, who provides speech therapy near Murphy, Texas, I am always looking for […]