Importance and Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Kids

3rd Nov 2017

There are many misconceptions when it comes to occupational therapy for kids. This mainly comes from people not quite understanding the point of occupational therapy. Children can get, and benefit from, occupational therapy because it helps to enhance their skills [...]

Does Your Child Have a Habit of Teeth Grinding or Teeth Clenching?

23rd May 2014

In the glossary of terms of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain, bruxism is defined as a “total Para functional daily or nightly activity that includes grinding, gnashing or clenching of the teeth” . If your child grinds their teeth, […]

Interactive Metronome – A Non-Medication Based Alternative for ADHD in Children

7th May 2014

Many families are searching for ADHD treatments for their children that are not medication dependent.  Interactive Metronome is a good alternative treatment for many individuals with ADHD. Interactive Metronome, often referred to as IM, is an assessment and treatment tool […]

Pediatric Occupational Therapy & Early Childhood Intervention

21st Sep 2013

Human development is an amazing process. Think about it. So many different skills contribute to normal development.  Pediatric occupational therapists assist children experiencing challenges in the areas of social-emotional, adaptive, and physical development.  These skill areas all contribute to success […]

Richardson Occupational Therapy

6th Apr 2013

The Pediatric Occupational Therapist’s Role in Treating Sensory Processing Disorders According to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), “occupational therapy is concerned with” a child’s ability to participate in daily life activities or “occupations.”  Through an understanding of the impact […]