Importance and Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Kids

3rd Nov 2017

There are many misconceptions when it comes to occupational therapy for kids. This mainly comes from people not quite understanding the point of occupational therapy. Children can get, and benefit from, occupational therapy because it helps to enhance their skills [...]

Can Occupational Therapy Help With Childhood Emotional Distress?

27th Feb 2014

Parents might wonder if some of the emotional stress they sometimes observe in their toddler is due to an underlying developmental or sensory issue that could be remediated with occupational therapy.  The goal of pediatric occupational therapy is to help […]

What Is the Role of Occupational Therapy in Early Childhood Intervention?

12th Feb 2014

If you have a child with a developmental delay or disorder, you may want to learn more about pediatric occupational therapy.  Occupational therapists look at the whole child and determine how he or she interacts and functions within all the […]

Murphy Occupational Therapy – How Can Occupational Therapy Help Your Child?

24th Jun 2013

Occupational therapy (OT) supports and improves cognitive, motor, and sensory development utilizing meaningful  age appropriate activities.  In the world of OT, these activities are also referred to as “occupations”.  For a young child, the primary occupations are play and interacting […]