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Sensory Processing Disorder – How to Detect It and How to Treat It

24th May 2018

Sensory Processing Disorder (a.k.a. SPD), or sometimes known as sensory integration dysfunction, is a disease where the manner in which the nervous system can receive a message from any of the senses is impaired, as is how the nervous system [...]

Games Useful for Developing Speech, Language, and Social Skills

15th May 2018

Children learn by observing and the best role model is the parent. Having a home environment in which learning is rewarded and encouraged, with games that are useful for developing speech, language, and social skills will be invaluable. It is [...]

How Do Speech & Language Disorders Affect Learning?

23rd Apr 2018

When children experience a speech-language disorder, their learning may be affected. This does not just mean learning at school, but general learning within the home and other environments, as well. Ways Speech & Language Disorders Affect Learning A child diagnosed [...]

Signs of Delayed Speech & Language Development

18th Apr 2018

Children develop at different rates, but there are some guidelines for knowing if your child is generally on track in his or her development. Knowing what is and is not typical for a child’s speech and language development can help [...]

The Role of Occupational Therapy in Autism

14th Feb 2018

One in sixty-eight children in the US falls somewhere on the autism spectrum. This can have a considerable effect in the classroom, and on each student, as autistic children tend to have problems processing sensory information. The condition is known [...]

Early Signs of Fine Motor Skills Deficit

7th Feb 2018

Fine motor skills are a lifelong necessity. They begin to be developed in the first months of our lives and are the basis for most daily activities. They allow us to make smaller movements with our extremities like fingers, the [...]

Expressive Reading Can Improve Language and Speech This Winter

5th Jan 2018

Getting into a good book can be fun. This holds true for kids as well as adults. When your child is going through speech and language therapy, books can give your child special insight as to how the world around [...]

Treating a Toddler with Autism – What to Expect

8th Nov 2017

When your child gets diagnosed with Autism, it can be a confusing time. It is difficult to know where on the Autism spectrum your child may fall, and what types of things your child may struggle with. When your child [...]

Importance and Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Kids

3rd Nov 2017

There are many misconceptions when it comes to occupational therapy for kids. This mainly comes from people not quite understanding the point of occupational therapy. Children can get, and benefit from, occupational therapy because it helps to enhance their skills [...]

Helping a Toddler with a Speech Delay

17th Oct 2017

Does your toddler struggle to say things that your pediatrician says they should be able to say at this age? If so, they may suffer from a speech delay. Sometimes, simply working with your child can help them catch up [...]

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