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Helping a Toddler with a Speech Delay

17th Oct 2017

Does your toddler struggle to say things that your pediatrician says they should be able to say at this age? If so, they may suffer from a speech delay. Sometimes, simply working with your child can help them catch up [...]

Does Weather Affect Autistic Behaviors?

11th Oct 2017

Have you noticed that there are times where the weather gets bad outside, and you notice an increase in problematic autistic behaviors in your child? This is not just your imagination. There are many reasons for this. Researchers have long-known [...]

5 Tips for Fine Motor Skills Development with Kids

3rd Oct 2017

Fine motor skills are very important as we get older. We need them for nearly every daily task that we undertake. If we do not learn these fine motor skills as youngsters, it can make things more difficult for us [...]

The Right Professional for Communication Disorders

18th Sep 2017

Parents sometimes ask themselves, "Is my child progressing normally with speech" or "does my child have a communication disorder"?  Children advance with communication at different rates, with some starting slowly and others seemingly developing spoken language overnight.  It can be [...]

Looking for Ideas to Improve Fine Motor Skills in Infants and Toddlers?

3rd Aug 2017

We all require the use our hands to perform important everyday tasks.  From an early age we use fine motor skills to facilitate playing, eating, writing, and communicating with others. As a parents, it is important to encourage development of [...]

Back to School Time – Will Your Child Be Ready?

26th Jul 2017

August is just starting!  It may seem a little early to be thinking about the new school year.  However, being thoughtful about the adjustments that your child will need to make in the fall can help him or her begin [...]

Is your Child Struggling with a Sensory Processing Disorder?

20th Jul 2017

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?  Sensory Processing Disorder [or Dysfunction] (SPD) is a condition in which the brain is unable to organize sensory input in a way that facilitates appropriate responses. Lucy Jane Miller, OTR defines SPD as “A neurophysiologic [...]

Occupational Therapy: Help for Childhood Emotional Distress?

9th Jul 2017

Does your toddler cry easily or have frequent tantrums?  You may wonder if some of the emotional stress you observe in your young child is related to an underlying developmental or sensory disorder. The goal of pediatric occupational therapy is [...]

What is Echolalia? Does it Serve a Purpose?

7th Jul 2017

Many individuals on the autism spectrum use echolalia, which is the repetition of another’s speech that occurs either immediately, or even later, after the original production.  According to Barry Prizant (1987) echolalia is characteristic of least 85% of children with [...]

How is your Child Developing

30th Jun 2017

Development is amazing, whether we are watching eggs in a nest, seeing little hatchlings that move through stages of development to become fledglings, ready to leave the nest or whether we are watching a newborn move through early stages of [...]

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